This treatment package gives your skin concerns a "double punch"  attack to achieve that divalicious skin you so deserve!

It is a combination of the Diva Delux Diamond Peel and selected chemical peel series for your skin type and concerns. It is done alternating first in the series with the diamond microdermabrasion treatment to exfoliate the first layer of dead skin cells and then followed by the chemical peel treatment to help lighten and brighten skin discolorations, acne scarring, reduce fine lines/wrinkles, unclog pores, hydrate and improve suppleness to your skin. Treatments are done 2-3 weeks apart initially and then monthly maintenance is recommended for best results




PACKAGE COMBO #1: For Light to Moderate Skin Concerns

                     6 SERIES:   3 MICRODERMS & 3 PEELS.....$285


PACKAGE COMBO #2:  For More Serious Skin Concerns

                                12 SERIES:  6 MICRODERMS & 6 PEELS.....$500




LED THERAPY (Red light for anti aging collagen/ elastin strengthening; Blue Light for acne breakouts)  ...$10-15


ULTRASOUND INFUSION (For more moisture hydration or whitening cream treatment)...$15